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How To Determine If You Have A Leak

Your water meter is actually the first place to check for leaks on your property. It keeps track of how much water passes through it, and the readings determine the amount that you are billed for water usage. Your water meter can also be a valuable tool in determining whether or not you have any leaks.

Most water meters are located in the front yard or side walk, under a round, plastic or metal lid. Be careful when opening the lid to the meter because there may be wires attached if it's a newer meter. Always be on guard for dangerous insects, and/or animals which may be residing in the meter can.

As shown and described above, find the flow indicator (leak indicator), on the meter's face. Note: On some water meter models, the low/leak indicator might look like a triangle. On newer models the leak indicator resembles a asterisk (*).

To use your water meter as a leak detector, just follow these easy steps:

  • Turn off all appliances which use water.
  • Go to your meter, look to see if the leak indicator is turning.
  • If it is spinning, water is moving through your pipes, indicating you have a possible leak.
  • In some cases, the leak is so small, the dial turns very slowly and it's sometimes difficult to know if it's moving or not. If the flow indicator is not turning, record the reading on the water meter. IN that case:
  • Wait 15 to 30 minutes. Record the new reading on your water meter. If the reading has changed, you might have a leak.

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