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FREE Estimate: (505) 803 - 1911


Do you need a leak locator or, is there a possible leak at your house or business?

In most cases there might be a few simple steps you can take before calling anyone. Since, there are many types of water meters, the newer smart meters allow your local Water Utilities Company to remotely monitor your water usage and identify higher than normal usage prompting a notice, phone call or letter, perhaps generating a higher water usage notice. If an older style water meter, there still might be some things you can do.

One of the simplest efforts you can make is calling local city water utilities personnel requesting they inspect both your water meter, toilets etc... Visual inspection of the same water meter which produces your water bill can be utilized to help determine if there is a leak in your pipes. Your water meter might have two (2) dials; one is called a low Flow indicator and dedicated to allowing you to visually see a Leak dial move, indicating movement of water in your pipes. (When checking this water meter yourself, make sure you turn off all toilets, hose bibs and anything which uses water.

And lastly, if you have difficulties performing the steps above, we suggest you call your favorite plumber to perform a more detailed inspection, for you, before calling us.

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