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As we all know, it is critically important for health and safety reasons to keep your pool or spa in optimum operational condition at all times. Pools and spas that are kept this way are operating in their most usable, efficient, and safest manner. It is also very important for commercial pool and spa owners to proactively ensure that their aquatic systems are operating at peak efficiency to limit any possible liability issues as well as remain in compliance with local and state regulatory requirements. Annual leak testing and certification provides a proactive way for you to identify any emerging leak problems before they can adversely impact your bottom line. This testing gives you an objective assessment of your equipment during the offseason so that you can take the time to have any discovered leak issues addressed and corrected.

Your pool or spa can then be certified as being leak-free prior to the start of the peak aquatic equipment use season. The benefits of annual pool or spa certification go beyond just the operational benefits that you would gain by your participation in this important program.

Did you know that most insurance companies offer significantly lower commercial liability and property insurance rates to their customers when a proactive annual leak testing and certification program is implemented?

And were you also aware that most water utility companies offer a water/ sewage bill reimbursement program to their commercial and residential customers when they can prove that they have a proactive leak testing and certification program in place and have experienced a water leak issue in their aquatic equipment that has been repaired?

When a proactive leak testing and certification program is in place, the utility company has a baseline history of water usage for your equipment prior to any leak event occurring.

They can easily correlate the exact amount of increased water usage during the leak issue event as well as confirm that the problem has been identified and corrected from the most recent water usage meter reading from the site. In most of these cases where Leak Locator has assisted the client with identifying the source of the leak related problem and the client has corrected the problem, the reimbursement credit from the utility company has exceeded the cost of the leak detection and location service as well as the cost to have the leak repaired by the customers own aquatic equipment repair contractor!

ABQ Leak Locator is offering this objective 3rd party annual leak testing and certification program that assists you in determining if your pool or spa has any leak issues that require correction in order to keep your aquatic assets performing at their optimum level. The certification testing requires a minimum of 4 onsite visits over a 4+ day period to properly configure your aquatic equipment and record the previous days test results to attain annual certification. As a valued client, Leak Locator continues to partner with you after the annual certification testing process.

We act as your leak detection and location services resource should any suspected leak issue arise during the remainder of the year. We provide you with leak detection and location services at significantly discounted rates to assist you in returning your aquatic equipment back to operating in its most economical, efficient, and safest manner.

We pass the results of any leak location work to your own in-house maintenance personnel, or any repair contractor of your choice. We also perform post leak repair validation testing to recertify your aquatic equipment as being leak free for utility company water bill reimbursement and insurance claim purposes as well.

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Save Yourself the Hassle

Even if you're relatively handy, certain installation and repair projects require tools and skills that you simply may not have. Why risk injury or property damage when a general contractor like ABQ Leak Locator. can help? One call to ABQ Leak Locator can save you time, aggravation, and in many cases, money. And when you work with ABQ Leak Locator, you'll get the benefit of:

  • Reasonable Rates
  • Prompt, Reliable Service
  • Quality Workmanship

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